Thursday, May 28, 2015

May 2015 Meeting

Our May meeting was hosted by Nancy F. and we had a wonderful time and learned about a lot of new ideas and products. Be sure to follow the links that are provided so you can learn even more. Here's our show and tell and demos.

Nancy C. made this pumpkin seed grey and yellow quilt  top using the Quilt Smart system. Take a look at the link for an explanation about how to make traditionally difficult patterns, easy.

She used the clear thread on top of the leaves and cut out the interfacing behind them. 
This is an iPad holder Nancy C. made. 
 This turquoise bench pillow was made by Nancy C. also using leftover petals.
She covered buttons for the back. 
Nancy C. also made this Potluck quilt using one layer cake and paper pieced the bird in it. 
Lenette made this flannel blanket using the self edging method. 
Lenette also made this Halloween table topper.  

Diane used this wash away tape to help secure her zippers in the zipper pouches she made below. She said this tape really helped. Here's a tutorial for making them.

Zipper pouches by Diane.  
Darla made this Bad Hair day quilt using what she got from Rachel's giveaway. 
Close up

Darla also made this School Days quilt. She made it from a kit she bought in Tucson.  
Nancy F. demonstrated this pattern to us. She also showed us how this pattern includes a QR scanner with each step of the directions so you can get a more thorough explanation on your phone while you're making this. She said it really helped. 
Here is Nancy's finished Sew Impressed board and ruler carrier. Nancy gave each of us empty bolt boards so we could make these. Also we need to use 100% cotton batting or Insulbrite since it's a pressing board and it has to be able to resist the heat of the iron. 
Maurene made this. It's the second one she's made using this pattern as she is giving it to twin baby girls. Two Peas in a Pod. 
Close up
Maurene showed her latest Pizza Box Exchange quilt which Rachel just finished quilting. 

Rachel made this boxy bag with pockets using an Annie Unrein pattern. 

Rachel was commissioned by a friend who wanted a quilt for her cabin. 
This is a queen quilt by Bunny Hill using Thimble Blossom fabric. Rachel used over a hundred yo-yo's to make this.  

This is a product called Kraft Tex that Nancy F. showed us. It's a product that is paper, but it feels like leather, wears like leather and cuts and sews like fabric. 
Nancy C. demonstrated the recycled market bags. We're going to make these as a group using either poultry bags like this one or recycled fabric of any sort. Start looking for poultry/birdseed/animal feed bags. 

This bag she made using a lined skirt. She left the liner on it and used it as the liner of the bag. 

Here's a bag she is making using an embroidered dishtowel.

This is a little demo of how the handles are made.
She also demonstrated how to made the box bottom of the bag.

Nancy used a tape that she could write on to add a name to this bag.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The latest show and tell

April 2015 Meeting

My quilt group met at Cindy's this month. Thank you Cindy for hosting. Since we have finished our Pizza Box Exchange, we talked about some possibilities for projects as a group. A couple suggestions were to have one meeting where we all made "green" totes using some type of repurposed fabric, then bring them to the meeting and exchange them with each other. Nancy will look for patterns and head it up for our meeting next month. More info to come on that.
Another idea is to have sewing projects or "classes" within our own group where we can set up our machines, watch or listen to a tutorial and make a new quilt project together, making a big bag to carry our cutting boards, rulers, etc, making seasonal table runners. Please share any other ideas you might have with all of us so that we can have some "on purpose" sewing projects that take us out of our quilting comfort zones.
Darla won the door prize which was the pair of wool mittens shown in the demo by Cindy.
Here are our show and tells:

Kathi made this scrap quilt and put a little minky on the back also.

Cindy made this Ducky quilt. 
Cindy also made this Black and Bright quilt using flannel on the back.

This is a quilt Cindy started at Corrie's retreat from a purchased kit.

Cindy's daughter is getting ready to serve a full time mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, so Cindy made this cute pillowcase for her to take.

These are three sets of luggage tags Cindy made. One set is for her daughter and the other two are for her daughter's friends who are also getting ready for their missions.

Cindy made her daughter these slippers from Sherpa wool from Outdoor Wilderness Fabric in Caldwell.

This is a Peek-a-Boo pouch for first aid supplies that Cindy also made for her daughter.

Nancy made this zipper pouch and learned how to attach the zipper following a video tutorial from Missouri Star Quilts on Youtube.

Jeri made these Peek-a-Boo zipper pouches for her granddaughter to use to keep her dance clothes in.

Diane helped make this quilt for her niece as a graduation present. It is made using fabric from her niece's dad's shirts as a memory quilt honoring her dad who passed away a few years ago. It's going to be a surprise gift given at her graduation.

Jeanie made this "Books on Shelves" quilt using all scraps. Carolanna quilted it.

Jeanie also made this giraffe quilt and burp cloths for her 18th great grandchild.

Maurene made this baby girl quilt with pink minky on the back. It is quilted by Rachel.

This is the back of the baby girl quilt.

This is a close up of the back also.

Maurene also made this oversized fence rail pattern quilt.

Darla made several of these little wallets. These are just a few of them. They are made from a pattern by Valori Wells of the Stitchin Post.

Rachel made these wool candle mats.

Rachel also made this wool Shepherd boy wall hanging. She is going to frame it with barnwood.

This is a chicken wool mat made by Rachel.

Rachel made this baby quilt using Fig Tree Somerset fabric. The pattern is Paganini Schnibbles.

While in St. George visiting, Rachel was able to find lots of great fabric. At the Clover Patch Fabric Store she said fabric is still $7.99 a yard. The Ace Hardware also has a back room that carries lots of fabric. She was able to find this fun fabric/panels and made one Elk quilt for her husband and one for her husband's friend.

Cindy gave us a demo on making mittens made from repurposed wool sweaters. After purchasing several large sweaters, Cindy washes them in hot water, then dries them in the hot heat dryer. They shrink up and become very dense and perfect for making wool mittens.

The bottom of the sweater is cut off and can be used for the cuff around the top of the mitten.

The arm cuff (if large enough) can also be used as the cuff of the mitten.

One more example of a cuff.

Outer piece of mitten.

Inner lining of mitten which is made from fleece.

The finished mitten with the cuff attached and a button sewn on for embellishment. Cindy said they are very warm, soft and comfortable and very quick to sew. She sewed the matching pair to this mitten which we watched her. Here is a link to the LifeHacker tutorial.

This is what the pattern looks like.


Lynette made this bundt cake.

Cindy's infamous "Creamy Chicken Vegetable soup".
In a large pot add:
9 cups water
1 cup chopped onions
2 cups chopped potatoes
2 cups chopped or grated carrots
1 to 2 cups chopped celery
  cook until tender
add 12 chicken bouillon cubes
in a separate bowl 
melt 1 1/2 cubes of butter
whisk in 1 cup of flour
add butter/flour mix to vegetables
add large bottle of cheez whiz or 1/3 of a large brick of velveeta ( I use velveeta)
Add 2 cups of shredded pre-cooked chicken
Heat and Eat 
Cindy's home made bread.