Friday, February 7, 2014

January Meeting

Here are the fun pics of our show and tell from our last meeting. I look forward to our meetings each month. It's so motivating. 

 This is a donation quilt for a local charity. It was made using the squares we donated as a group.
 A fun quilt made by using the full width of the fabric and cutting various size strips.
 Another quilt ready for donation.
 The back side of the quilt to show the beautiful machine quilting.
 This is also a quilt made using our donation squares. It will be perfect for a young teenage girl!
 Close up.
 This top was made using a panel of birds.
 A fun paper doll quilt.
 Close up.
 This quilt will be donated to a nursing home to brighten a room.
 Another quilt ready for a charity.
 A beautiful scrap quilt.
 This quilt was made using a product that was new to all of us. It's called Chenille It. You sew it onto your quilt after you'ved pieced it, then fluff up the chenille. It comes in lots of fun colors. We all agreed it was going to be fun to use.
 Close up
 Here's what the product looks like.

This quilt was made as a thank you for one of the women in our group. She taught young girls aged 8-11 various skills twice a month for many years.
 A quilt using a design that would be well suited for a scrappy quilt too.

After our show and tell, Sherry showed us how to make this vintage baby quilt. It's fun and makes up very quickly. You cut a large background piece, mark it in 3" grids with a pencil or washaway pen. Sandwich the quilt with a backing and batting using fabric spray adhesive. Using a regular glue stick, attach the 2 1/2" squares in the corner of the 3" drawn square. Sew across (1/8" inch from edge of fabric squares) vertically and horizontally(straight across the rows) to attach all squares to background. Add a binding and it's ready to go!

 The following are my quilts that I have made using this same method with little variations. I love using this technique and love how they turn out.

 The quilt below I made using the same method, but used a different shape attached fabric.