Friday, September 14, 2012

August Meeting

I almost forgot to post the pics from my group last month. Here's our show and tell. After taking a little hiatus from quilting throughout the summer, I'm ready to finish some of my projects and even start a couple more. Something about the cooler weather that gets me in the mood to quilt-or maybe it's the fact that the kids are back in school and my house has a bit more order and quiet to it! Either way, it's a perfect time for quilting.

 Chevron quilt

 Pre-fab white apron embellished with fabric ruffles and flower
 Quilts for twin great grandbabies

 Getting ready for Halloween
 Wool table runner
 Wool welcome sign
 Some more beautiful wool handwork

 "Twister" quilt
 Another twister

 Father's Day tie quilt
 Scrappy quilt

 Some more wool work

 Another chevron quilt
 More wool-most of the wool work was done with hand dyed wool, a method we learned as a group a couple months back. Check out the tutorial.

 Pizza box exchange quilt-front and back. The back uses some of the leftover blocks from the group

 Embroidery quilt

 Another embroider/quilting quilt

 Carolanna's restoration project-her '66 VW bug. She did an amazing job! Thanks for bringing it to show and tell