Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Material Girls

I sure wish every woman has some sort of creative outlet in life. What would I do without my fun quilting addiction and my awesome little quilt group, Material Girls. Every month I come away so inspired and motivated. We had a smaller group today, it's summer. But meeting at Corrie's was so fun. Corrie has an online quilt fabric business called Quilttaffy and we spent the first hour of our meeting shopping at her store. Then we had our usual show and tell which is what we all look forward to. 

Afterwards Corrie shared with us a few fun tips. In the second and third pictures below, she showed us the fun embroidery thread called Size 12 Finca Perle Cotton Prescencia Thread   which she uses to actually quilt with. It's thinner than most embroidery thread so it works well in our home sewing machines for nice top stitching, but it looks so much thicker on the fabric. Take a look at the pictures to see what I mean.

Corrie's shop hop block
top stitching with Finca thread

Robyn's Pizza Box Exchange quilt top
Robyn's Kaffe inspired quilt

Maurene's great granddaughter quilt

Maurene's apron
Jeanie's baby quilt
Diane's baby quilt
Carolanna's ruffle quilt
Carolanna's corderoy quilt.

Here are the fun treats Corrie made for us all celebrating the 4th of July.

Star shaped ice cubes
Corrie showed us how to make a 3-layer drink-very clever. First use a red punch with sugar.
Second layer is a blue drink with less sugar.
Third layer is a sugar-free soda, clear in color
Here's the finished drink. Can't wait to do this one with my family. They'll love it.

Then to top it all off, she made a brownie fruit pizza.  Mmmmm.

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