Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Design boards and african fabric

At my last quilt group meeting we made design boards based on Bee in My Bonnet's tutorial. I finally got mine done. (not that it takes a long time because it's actually a very quick project)

My oldest son did an internship for a company that does charity work overseas, Help International. Here's a video of his group in Lugazi Uganda and the things they accomplished in one summer. It's amazing how much good can done by such a small group of people. Of course, as a good son of a quilter, he looked for fabric to bring home for me. Here's one of the pieces. He didn't know how much to get of each fabric, so he purchased around 4 yards of each! It only cost him about $6!!! So I'm thinking of fussy cutting some squares like this. I made some quick squares (on the left) that I might place in between the african fabric. Still thinking about it. I'll make it into a nice size quilt with a warm cozy flannel on the back, something to cuddle under during the winter months. And I'll still have plenty of the African fabric leftover for another project.

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Becky said...

How lucky you are--these are beautiful and fun fabrics! Enjoy!