Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Good decision

I bought these chairs this summer, put them in what we call the "piano room". It's a place to sit and listen to music, read or even just to sit barefoot in order to feel the cool shag rug under your feet.  I love these chairs. 

 I love the colors. I discovered that a little purple in a room makes it cheery, fun and a bit unexpected. The fun 60's shag rug has become a family favorite. Even the dogs thank me regularly for this addition to the room. They also like to come into the room to listen to music, nap or roll around on it dreaming they have their very own personal alpaca.
 Whenever I walk by the room, it makes me smile.  I think to myself, "that was a good decision to buy those chairs."
The lucky thing was that when I put them in the room, I realized the little lamp that had been in the room all along, a lamp my husband and I loved and purchased when we were just young newlyweds, had the exact same colors in it. It was like I had purchased the chairs on purpose, like I actually knew what I was doing when it came to interior decorating (which couldn't be further from the truth). It's also now the perfect spot to sit in when I hand sew bindings on my quilts.  A good decision indeed.

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