Monday, July 11, 2011

Free Motion Quilting Project

I've been spending a few days watching Leah Day's youtube videos showing her techniques using her home sewing machine for machine quilting. She's amazing and her tutorials are detailed and easy to follow. I've particularly loved her Free Motion Quilting Project where she has 365 quilting designs. I try doodling on my own and can only come up with like 7 designs and they look vaguely similar to each other. So finding Leah Day has been exciting for me.
I love how this one looks. It's called Spaghetti and Meatballs and it's day #96/365.
Here's one that I've practiced. We have lots of bamboo in our backyard and knowing bamboo I'm sure we'll have lots more in the years to come. This one is #71/365.

The design above is called Spiral Tree and it's number 60/365. It looks fairly easy and do-able for me.
I love this one called double pebble and it's day 22/365. I've always loved the pebble look, but this double pebble gives an interesting twist.

Usually when I get ready to quilt my quilt, I get stuck trying to figure out what design to use, how to do it and where to place it. I even have a few sandwiched quilts all ready to go, but I just can't think of how to quilt them. Most of the time I just fall back on good old stippling. It's my go-to quilting design. I'm now practicing several of Leah's designs and techniques so I'll be ready for my next quilt. Have fun looking through all her videos, designs, etc. I think you'll get just as inspired as I have. Whether you use your home machine or a large quilting machine, these designs are for everyone. Thanks Leah for sharing your creativity and talent.


Myra said...

Your quilting samples are simply wonderful!! Nice work! 8-)

Susan Lynn said...

Isn't Leah amazing! I've done 2 quilts using her designs and will do more. You can see them at