Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A little more from market

Our booth seemed like it was constantly a buzz with people stopping by. I met so many wonderful people. I don't know how the quilt shop owners are able to weed through the vast variety of options and decide what to purchase for their stores. But we were thrilled that so many of them stopped by our booth and placed orders.
Here are a couple of our new patterns we offered. Suzy Swirl makes into a darling little skirt with a tutu underneath. The pattern also includes a pattern for leggings which is always a must for any little girl. I love the looks on the girls' faces in the pattern. So cute.
This honeycomb smocked apron, as it is now named, comes in an adult pattern as well as a child's pattern. This was probably our biggest hit of the quilt market. My sister Toni was in the booth the entire time demonstrating how to do the smocking. It's amazingly simple to do yet it looks like it took you quite a while. The directions for the smocking as well as a grid to follow are included in the patterns.
Here's another favorite. It's called Emma's Pocket Dollhouse quilt. It's a fun fusible applique with pocket options for little dolls or accessories. The great part about this quilt is all the individualizing you can do with each room in your fabric selections. I think I want my little girl bedroom to have lots of polka dots...
And occasionally we'd have the pleasure of meeting with some pretty amazing designers like Amy Butler. She always seems to have the time to stop and chat and share. She's a very talented woman with a very down to earth personality.

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Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Market was incredible. Love love the skirts.