Tuesday, January 18, 2011

From toe to head

Since I'm in the middle of projects and don't have anything in the "done" phase to show, thought I'd at least show my daughter's handiwork. My brother who owns a show manufacturing plant (high end high heels) sent me all kinds of scraps of shoe fabric knowing I was somewhat of a fabricaholic.

It's very thick material, and quite the interesting color combinations, but nothing I could ever use in a conventional quilt. In fact, I would need to sew with the heavy duty needles just to get through it. But my daughter thinks the fabric is awesome, so she's been busy making herself layered flowers for her hair out of the remnants. I sense a future scrapaholic in the making :) So there must be some women out covering their toes with this material, but in my home it looks beautiful on the head.

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