Monday, December 26, 2011

Tree Skirt

Yes, I actually finished this project in the midst of all the other fun, festive activities of the season. I saw this a couple weeks ago on Sew We Quilt and knew I wanted it. I even used the same charm pack, actually my local quilt store had the Jovial layer cake, so I just cut it into 5" squares. It worked beautifully and went together fairly quickly. I had intended on putting a red binding, but my time limitation of wanting it under the tree immediately made it more efficient for me to use the backing as my binding. I didn't use any batting and machine quilted it with my feed dogs down on my home sewing machine and I love how it turned out.
 Of course, as quickly as I put it under the tree, it got covered with presents and I couldn't see it again until today, the day after.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Ugly Fabric Exchange

A couple months ago at one of my quilt group meetings, we decided instead of exchanging traditional presents at our Christmas meeting, we would bring a piece of "ugly" fabric to our meeting in October. You know the fabric I'm talking about-that piece that has been sitting in your stash for years and just gets passed over every time you start a new project.

Each of us put our fabric inside a brown paper bag and at the meeting we took turns picking up a brown bag to take home. The rules of the exchange were simple: Take the "ugly" fabric you get in your bag and use it to make something beautiful. Then bring it back wrapped for our Christmas meeting and give it back to its original owner. So here are the results from that exchange. I can't believe how creative everyone was and how fun it was to watch as each person opened her gift. 

I personally thought the fabric I ended up with was actually very cute, so I had no problem putting it together with other fabric to create these little fabric organizers. Her "ugly" fabric was the orange with white dot. I got my idea from Pink Pinguin where she has an easy tutorial. 

Here are the other projects/gifts:

 With this coin purse, the ugly fabric is the lining inside.

 This scarf was my gift. She turned my ugly fabric into this cute scarf making it into a double sided chenille. How creative is that!

We had so much fun with this exchange, it might become our annual tradition!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas mtg

Here are the pictures from my group's show and tell. They are all amazing as usual. We also  brought back the "ugly" fabric we were given a couple months ago. I'll post the results of what was made from the "ugly" fabrics later. Everyone was so creative!
Baby block
eyeglass holders
Diane's daughter gets published!

Santa dolls made by Susan

Pattern for the Santas

Jeri's pizza box exchange quilt-first one completed!
Back of Jeri's quilt
We donate 9 12/" squares every month with a theme in mind. This was made with our fall color donations

Mary's friendship block quilt-it looks like an antique

Mary's t-shirt quilt for her son

Corrie's peek-a-boo pocket books
Carolanna's minky quilt