Saturday, April 10, 2010

To Quilt or Not to Quilt

I can't seem to finish this wallhanging and the only reason is because I can't decide whether I should quilt the background sky behind the tree and if I do quilt it, how should I quilt it. The pattern suggests weaving back and forth in long S-formations. It looks ok, but I may not be that precise of a machine quilter. If I leave it blank, does it look like I didn't really care about it and just slapped a tree onto a background, added borders and called it good? The tree took a tremendous amount of work, cutting it out and machine quilting with my feed dogs down every branch and limb. I like how it looks now and don't want to ruin it, but if I can enhance it a bit with machine quilting, that would be even better.
In the end, I may just quilt the borders, add a binding, hang it and look at it for months. Then if I get a brilliant idea, I should still be able to take it to the machine and quilt the sky. Sounds wimpy, but I'll be the first to admit my weaknesses with machine quilting.


Marjorie said...

Wall-hanging right? My vote is "don't quilt" the background.

Susan Lynn said...

Lovely. I suggest quilting the background by following some of the lines in the fabric print. It looks like that would work.