Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Felt Flower Hairpins

My daughter Nikki and I (with some great help from my friend Tracey) finished making these cute felt flower hairpins this evening. Nikki's class is having a "City" day where some of the kids sell products and some of them are buyers. Nikki is a seller so we decided to make these hairpins. They're pretty easy and turned out very cute. Now my other daughters each want to make some for themselves.

Cut a piece of felt about 6 to 8" by 3-5". Fold it over and glue along the edge. Then cut 1/4" cuts up to the glued edge.Loop ribbons or yarn and sew the loops down along the glued edge.
Add another line of glue along the sewn edge.
Roll the piece allowing the glued edge to keep it rolled together. I used a low temp glue gun for this.
Glue gun or stitch a button in the center. Glue a hair clip onto the back and it's finished.

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