Friday, February 12, 2010

Last baptism quilt

Here I am finishing up my last baptism quilt for my kids. Nikki is our youngest, she turned 8 last year and was baptized. So as is my custom, she gets a quilt. Nikki chose the colors and I love how it's turning out. Right now I'm looking for more fabric for the border. Why don't I just get enough fabric in the first place? I tend to leave my design ideas for the border until I see the finished top, that's why. I know it's not a good habit, but...Maybe I'll learn one day.

The flowers on this are layered and are called French Roses. The center is just something I designed using a similar method as the flowers. After it's quilted I'll be adding some cute buttons to the centers of the little hearts.

Each embroidered square says something about Nikki's life and I'll post again just highlighting the embroidery squares.
So far though, Nikki's very excited about her new quilt.