Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Stockings galore!

I don't remember why we got started with this, but my husband and I both needlepointed all of our family Christmas stockings. We bought a kit one day after our first son was born and just plowed through it. It was actually very relaxing back in the days of our sweet and simple early married life. Then we ventured into the world of painted canvases and haven't looked back since. They are so beautiful, expensive, but beautiful. There was a lot of detail on each canvas and these stockings took hours. My husband made mine by himself and I made his, but we both worked on each of our children's stockings. We bought a book with hundreds of different stitches and believe me, we tried many of them. I love how they turned out. They are truly one of a kind, all six of them so far. We are now slowly working on the last 2. The enthusiasm for the project has waned a bit and the eyes are not as sharp, and I've even rationalized my way out of it by saying I'll make a beautiful quilted stocking for each of them, but I just can't quite justify that, so where there's a will... Wish us luck.


Cheryl said...

Wow! I am a needlepointer and know how much work goes into a stocking. These are quite an accomplishment, and beautiful heirlooms!

i'm kelly said...

oh my goodness! absolutely beautiful!

Paula said...

I beaded ours with sequins and thought I was doing well. Those are absolutely gorgeous!