Thursday, December 11, 2008

Burritos and Lists

The burrito pillowcases are quite addicting and I find myself making more and more. Today I made 2 more, this time with the accent trim. These are going to my missionary son in Argentina. He loves music, so I couldn't help using the fun black and white fabric. This method is so much easier than the traditional method of pillowcase making. I mentioned before where I found the tutorial, but here it is again. Google the words "Designer pillowcases" and it should be the first link that pops up. It's a pdf file from Univ. of Utah.

My youngest presented me with her Christmas wish list. She has high hopes for someone so young. It all looks as I expected until I got to #9...where am I going to find a real elf??? The only one I thought of was Will Farrell and although he'd make quite a funny addition to our family, it might feel a bit awkward. So for now, I'm on a quest, a Christmas mission, to find a real elf. Craig's List perhaps??? Any help or leads would be appreciated.


Paula said...

Oh Nikki! How cute is that letter!? A real elf? Hmmmm. No answer there. What is a DS? Anna said it would be cool if Hannah Montana was her big sister because then she would have really cool hand me downs. You gotta love this part of kids! By the way, very cute pillow cases. You must be sewing all the time!

Barb said...

We have a son going to the West Indies....I love your blog...I ment to do some pillow cases for my sons but...well....there you have it, need I say more?