Thursday, October 16, 2008

Quilt tops and swirly skirts

It took me a while, but I finally made a decision about what fabric to use for the border and now I love it. I've made the back for it already and I used flannel for the center. I wanted flannel for the entire back, but I bought the end of the bolt and that's all they had. Luckily I had plenty of the brown print I had used on the front border. My little camera doesn't do the colors any justice though, which makes me sad. Wish you could see how the colors pop.

My sister, the Apron Lady, has a fun new pattern for a swirl skirt and lucky me, my girls get to be the guinea pigs and try out all her new stuff. Nikki loves her skirt and has worn it several days to school. She makes it look good over anything. I can tell these will be a big hit with my girls. The pattern will be available real soon. The best part is that they literally take about a half hour to sew. My kind of project!

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~D Spack~ said...

I love her twirly skirt! She looks cute too.