Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Flag Quilts

In our June meeting, my quilt group, Material Girls, Diane B. taught us how to make these cute flag wall hangings. The fabric is just torn into strips, glued onto a light background, sandwiched and then hand stitched down. Buttons are added to represent the stars, loops are added to the top (some of us made the flag so it would hang vertically and some horizontally-both look very cute). It was so easy and fast. It's hung from a stick from Diane's yard and the wire is curled by wrapping it around a dowel.
The second flag is one of those wall hangings made by pushing fabric into a styrofoam board that has a quilt design cut into it. There's a website called Quilt Graphics that sells the boards. It's fun to do and my kids have even made these. You push the fabric into the grooves with an ordinary kitchen knife. You can even use just a plastic knife. I know there are other companies that sell these too. Check into it. They make fun gifts for your non-quilting friends too.

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