Monday, July 7, 2008

Quilts and Forts

Got my latest quilt back from the long arm quilter. She's fabulous! Picking up my quilts from her is like Christmas every time. It's a gift to me. The quilt is from a pattern called Cinnamon & Ginger by Allison Designs. I bought it as a kit because it would have been a lot of work to pick out this many fabrics. The fabric is all by Kaffe Fassett and I love how it turned out.

My girls called me upstairs last night and wanted me to see their fort they built. Pretty amazing, huh? All 3 girls and their cousin slept in the fort last night. I think they used every extra sheet in the house.


Mommie Mikeworth said...

How funny my sister in law(s) (yes plural) asked does she sell the bags and quilts she makes? I said I didn’t think so and they said, well she should! Maybe you can start your own little business.

Karen said...

Your quilt is very interesting. I have enjoyed visiting your blog.