Monday, June 2, 2008

More baptism quilt pix

Hand quilted baptism picture.
I write this scripture on each of the baptism quilts and then hand quilt a temple. This is the Boise temple.
Kristina loves to sing, so I quilted her singing with friends.
For the center I used a method I saw in a book called Fantasy Floral Quilts by Bonnie Lyn McAffrey where you take apart silk flowers, glue them onto the fabric and cover them with tulle. It was kind of an experiment and I'm not sure if I"ll use the method again, but I think it looks cute.
A close up of the silk flowers.


Jan Lutz said...

I love every part of the baptism quilt, the baptizer even reminds me a little of Harold.
The flowers are beautiful, how perfect for a beautiful girl!!

i'm kelly said...

those are beautiful!

patrice said...

Hi Kath...

Thanks for explaining about a blog...never even heard of such a thing. I love the silk flower deal. They look much better on a quilt than in their fake life!!